So exams are getting closer.

You guys feel the stress already?

Today I am going to help and give you an amazing tip on how you can study better!

Recently I found this app called TIDE.


Foto 2-11-16 22 59 02.png



In the background there is some calming music. Not real music, which can be very distracting but for example the sounds you hear in a forest. You can choose between the ocean, rain, a forest, muse (which is classical music played on a piano) and a café.

You can choose the amount of time you want to study. After this time has elapsed, the sound will stop and then you can choose how long you want to take a break. The app will also remember the time you set it. So the next time you open it, or you are done studying the time of your study session or your break will stay the same. Although you can still alter it, if you want!

Another great thing about it, is that is has a new motivational quote every day. It takes way too much time to look up motivational quotes, but with this app you have one waiting for you, every single day!


So if you need a new buddy to study, make sure to try this app!





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