I recently got into bullet journals. They looked so much fun and also very practical because I have way too much lists in so many places, I can’t even remember them.

So the bullet journal is something you can use as an agenda, but it’s a lot more. You can also use it to keep track of your goals or habits.

I choose to keep my bullet journal minimalistic and easy with almost no colour or decoration. I saw very pretty bullet journals on youtube for example, but it would consume too much time for me to decorate them and the use of it, that I wouldn’t waste time on lists, would be gone. So I wrote everything in a black ballpoint pen and choose to keep it simple. Btw if I had to decorate it, it still would be ugly because I seriously fail in these things.

You start out with an index. You write ‘index’ on the top of the first blank pages. Then you add a key for your symbols. I just went with the classic ones. Maybe after a few months I will add some symbols, but for now I think I have enough with the regular ones. Also add this key to your index!

Foto 4-01-17 09 58 54.jpg

Foto 4-01-17 09 59 14.jpg

Then comes the future log. This is an overview of the upcoming year, with all the months. I wrote three months on each page, so I added these four pages to my index.

Foto 4-01-17 09 59 48.jpg

After my future log I choose to add some pages for the whole year:

my goals/wishlist/todo/books I want to read/movies I want to watch/music/

Foto 2-01-17 16 50 45.jpg

But you can choose whatever you want to write down and keep track of this year.

Then I have the month of January written down. Just all of the dates with the first letter of the day next to them. I  drew a red circle around Saturday and Sunday to keep the overview. Here I can put some upcoming events. This page will be used as a kind of calendar. On the next page I did the same, but there I am going to write down, what I am grateful of each day.

Foto 2-01-17 16 51 00.jpg

Next up are the things I want to track monthly. I made a page where I will write down how much I spend each month, my monthly tasks, what I have to clean this month,  a waste tracker (because I want to reduce my waste), my goals for January, a habit tracker because I want to make a habit of reading and working out every day, I also have a page with ideas (things I want to make or cannot forget) and lastly I have my daily log, where I write down what I have to do, notes or events.

Foto 4-01-17 10 00 52.jpg

I think a bullet journal is really useful and very good to keep track of your new years resolutions! It’s also very motivating to write down if you did something good etc.

Do you guys have a bullet journal? What do you write in it?





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