While I am trying to reduce my waste, I am constantly searching to replace some wasteful activities to make them zero waste.

This time I’ll share with you how I try to cut on waste while shaving.

I bought the double-edge safety razor from the brand Edwin Jagger. It came with five feather blades. Until now I haven’t tried some other blades yet. I paid thirty euros.


So, this is something some of you may recognize. A lot of older people had one in there bathroom, but you can still buy them. Very sharp, but also very handy. The ultimate zero waste tool in shaving!

The positive side is that you have almost no waste at all. You only need to change the blades. But it’s metal, so you don’t have to send it to a landfill. It can easily be recycled.


So this one was a though one. I could easily buy a razor but then the shaving cream. I wanted to try on of Lush’s shaving creams, but unfortunately they were all only vegetarian. Besides I checked the ingredients and they shouldn’t be to hard to make my own, so I tried it but it didn’t turn out great. It was more of a body lotion than a shaving cream. But nothing goes to waste, it’s eventually just some oils mixed together so I use it as a hair mask now.


So I tried it a few times. I made the mistake to try and shave my legs while they were dry. I only putted some bodylotion on it, to make sure that they were hydrated. This didn’t really work out, which I should have known, because I have tried to shave my legs dry with a disposable razor a hundred times, and I also failed a hundred times. I don’t know if this is because I have sensitive skin or maybe it’s just never a good idea. Don’t try it like this, it hurts!

Later I tried shaving my legs and armpits in the shower. This went pretty easily! The blade is pretty sharp, so you can shave easily and quickly. Pretty awesome! People always say you need to watch out because it’s so sharp, but I didn’t cut myself once! So that’s pretty much the same as a disposable razor, the safety razor is just a little bit sharper so you can shave more quickly!


I would say GO AND BUY IT! It’s an amazing product, not too expensive and so easy to use with the advantage of not creating any waste at all! Besides, a shiny chromed razor is way prettier than a cheap plastic one. I am definitely convinced!




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