So you want to be healthy but don’t eat salads all day? This is an amazing little thing you can add to your diet, which contains a lot of useful nutrients.

It’s so easy, you barely have to do anything but you can enjoy it in about a week.

And you can do it indoors, so you can have them all year round.

In this article I am going to tell you how my little urban farming project went and how you can do it yourself at home.


The first day you just have to put the seeds in a container. I bought this one in a gardening store, but you can also just use a mason jar with a special cloth on top of it. You can put the cloth on it as a lid and then use a rubber band to keep it in its place. It’s a cloth made of cotton that is also used to make cheese, and it can be use as a sieve, so that al the water can be poured out.

Then you just pour a sufficient amount of water in the container, so the seeds can start sprouting. Let it rest for 24 hours.


Foto 15-01-17 10 12 12 (1).jpg


DAY 2-5

Put them in water every morning and evening, then pour the water out. So that they’re wet again and grow. Make sure you put the container like you can see in the picture, so the excess water can leave the container.

Foto 15-01-17 10 15 02 (1).jpg

Then, you just have to wait until they’re a few centimeters and than you can eat them! Don’t let them grow too large.

When they’re ready, you can let them dry on a towel for a few hours and then you can store them in the fridge for a few days or eat them.

I like to eat them with my dinner, because it’s packed with good nutrients!

Have you ever tried to make sprouts?




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