With the new semester approaching, time for some zero waste school supplies!

I think school supplies are pretty hard to get zero waste. If you buy a refillable pen, the ink comes in plastic and so on. Pretty much the same with markers. Where can you find them without plastic? I thought it would be almost impossible and it’s something I use a lot as a student, so finding an alternative would be great!


One time, I needed some more mason jars and while I was shopping, I saw these baby’s. They are as bright as regular markers, but they’re just pencils. I thought this was a really good idea. It’s a really nice shop so I could buy them without plastic! They have a lot of unpackaged stuff.


So now it was the moment of truth. Were these pencils able to be as bright as a marker? You can see the result below and to be true, I think they do a wonderful job. They’re not quite as bright, but you can easily see on a piece of paper which words are highlighted. By the way, they didn’t have a bright pink one so I choose the bordeaux one. That’s why the pink one isn’t as bright as the other ones.

Foto 18-01-17 20 42 48.jpg


So the colours are okay, but what about usability, because you’re really colouring the words. Well I can say it will probably take you a little bit longer. Not too much though, because the colours are bright you don’t have to colour the words over and over again to see which ones are highlighted. I think you can also underline them if you want to be really fast and then you won’t need more time to highlight compared to a regular marker.


The colours are even brighter then I expected and it’s super easy to use. I wouldn’t see any downside to these. I paid 2,50 euros for one pencil, which is not too expensive. Keep in mind that these will last you probably longer than regular markers! And as a bonus, they don’t dry out. So I would really recommend these!




2 thoughts on “ZERO WASTE| MARKERS

  1. Ik heb dankzij deze post ook mijn potloden nog eens van onder het stof gehaald voor dit semester. Fluostiften zijn ook zo snel leeg en als de les te saai wordt kan je met die potloden tenminste nog kunstig je nota’s beginnen versieren 😉

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