I am going to the gym almost twice a week, so I was searching for some good post-workout meals. I try to go before lunch or dinner, so I can have a full meal afterwards. Otherwise I would eat 4 meals a day, which would not really help me to lose weight. So today I will share one of my favourites! It’s really easy to make and healthy.


. Cook WHOLE WHEAT PASTA as instructed on the packaging or until it’s done.

. Drain the pasta and then add RED PESTO. (You can make this, but you can also easily buy it at a store)

. Bake some TOFU or other kind of vegetable protein.

. Wash LETTUCE and put it in a bowl.

. Then cut some CHERRY TOMATOES and add it to the lettuce. You can add some PEPPER AND SALT, if you like.

. If you want some extra nutrients, you can also cook some broccoli and add it to your plate.





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